Install more virtio network driver in windows server 2012 or 2008 r2 [closed]

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hI , guys

It's possible install more virtual network adapter in my cloud server. I have two (2) Cloud servers Windows Server 2012 R2 , i need set install Cluster Failover.



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answered 2014-05-23 13:10:03 -0600

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It is possible to attach multiple vNICs to an instance, there is however currently a limitation that means these vNICs must be on separate subnets though. Here is an example from the documentation:

# $ nova boot --image ed8b2a37-5535-4a5f-a615-443513036d71 \
              --flavor 1 \
              --nic net-id= <id of first network> \
              --nic net-id= <id of first network>  test-vm1

More information is available here:

The bug discussing the limitations I note above is here:

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