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Create Image from ISO

asked 2014-05-22 17:33:27 -0500

granadol gravatar image

I have seen many conflicting answers to this question. When I try it myself using Cinder, it does not work. Can you create images from ISO in Openstack Icehouse? If so, what is the trick? Thanks.


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answered 2014-05-22 20:38:28 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image
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Thank you for this. However, can they be created from within Openstack AKA boot from ISO?

granadol gravatar imagegranadol ( 2014-05-23 07:42:13 -0500 )edit

I have negative experience with failover to bootable CDROM on RDO Havana (it worked on Grizzly), on RDO IceHouse I didn't try . It's not, actually, approved way to create bootable cinder volumes via attached uploaded ISO images.

dbaxps gravatar imagedbaxps ( 2014-05-23 10:31:31 -0500 )edit

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