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I am having an issue getting instances to launch in latest icehouse release instance hangs at starting up (cirros or fedora cloud) OS=RHEL6.5 Version=2014.1-16.el6.noarch Network type is gre. (No L2 issues that I can see)

Setup is 3 node build - dedicated compute, controller and networknodes i tried the same setup with packstak and manual build via docs same results: Seems like I am waiting some kind of retry (need some pointer to dig deeper) NovaLog: Dynamic looping call sleeping for 32.75 seconds _inner no hard errors in neutron log but my guess is the problem is with networking logs from nova and neutron here

All services start up with out failure.

no console log get generated

Please let me know if I can provide additional configuration details

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answered 2014-06-24 05:29:13 -0600

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Hi anthonyv, I have been having the same problem and had been searching around for ages but couldn't find any answers. But after lots of experimenting I found the problem... as expected "human error"...

The problem was that I had blindly gone through the installation guide and not fully read the steps.

In the online guide ( ( ) part 6. says to run the following on your compute node:

egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo

  • If this returns a 0 then "virt_type = qemu" should be set in the nova.conf configuration of the compute node.
  • If this returns any number higher then "virt_type = kvm" should be set in the nova.conf configuration of the compute node.

On my compute nodes I had set "virt_type = qemu" even though the previous command returned a high number. As soon as I changed this to kvm all my instances started working.

I hope this helps for you.

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