Why can't I spawn non-cirros images

asked 2014-05-17 22:16:19 -0600

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I'm on Icehouse/Ubuntu 14.04 and can spawn cirros-0.3.2 64 bit images all day and can ssh into these remotely. However, I can't spawn any other cloud image ( core02 317.0.0, ubuntu 12.04.4, fed19 , fed20 all fail ) . The error I get is:

Error during following call to agent: ['ovs-vsctl', '--timeout=120', 'del-port', 'br-int', u'qvo66b5ecff-7e']

Why would openstack attempt to delete a non-existing port while spawning a non-cirros instance.

I can create cinder volumes , routers and networks all without issue.

lsb_release -rc Release: 14.04 Codename: trusty

'ovs-vsctl --version' ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 2.0.1 Compiled Feb 23 2014 14:42:32

neutron --version 2.3.4

nova --version 2.17.0

glance --version 0.12.0

keystone --version 0.7.1


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I can startup fedora20, ubuntu14.04 and cirros via virt-install from the compute nodes. Still no luck starting a non-cirros image via 'nova boot' or horizon.

lotreck gravatar imagelotreck ( 2014-05-18 00:52:08 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-05-19 01:39:08 -0600

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You Can  use the below link for spawning non cirros images ....


Abhishek Jain
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answered 2014-05-18 06:21:42 -0600

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Are you giving a proper flavour while launching the instance using nova? can you try from dashboard. Does your availability zone have required computing capacity to host images? Please check your system info, available on dashboard under administration.

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