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asked 2014-05-16 04:12:06 -0600

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We are trying to implement the ICEHOUSE with single flat network, we were evaluated the HAVANA version and configured single flat network and it was working fine. Now we are installed ICEHOUSE and the plugin of neutron-plugin changed to ml2-plugin and there is no steps for configure single flat network on ICEHOUSE document.

We are struggling to get single flat network configuration in ICEHOUSE. If any have document to configure single flat network.


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answered 2014-05-22 13:36:55 -0600

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Are you using nova or neutron n/w?

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answered 2014-05-23 22:52:31 -0600

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When using nova-network a single flat configuration is possible, refer to http://docs.openstack.org/icehouse/in...

For neutron, the documented ML2 configuration in the install guide is found at http://docs.openstack.org/icehouse/in... which requires multiple networks.

As an approximation for equivalents, refer to http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/opens...

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