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Hi everybody,

My problem in short: I'm trying to ping my virtual machine instances from the controller node but i can't to that. However, the opposite is possible, I can ping from the vm instances to the controller node. Please notice I posted this question before and didn't get any responce, that was a week ago and throughout the whole week I'm trying to figure it out, with failure everytime. So please, if you can help or give a hint do that.. Will be much appreciated.

I've installed a two node OpenStack cluster. A Controller node and Compute node using legacy nova-network. I followed every line on the tutorial provided on the website. Im running the controller and compute nodes as virtual machines each has ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) server installed. OpenStack version : icehouse.

Problem1 (Solved): At the beginning I could not ping the vm instances from the compute node (operation not permitted), neither could ping from one vm instance to the other, but i changed nova.conf - at the compute node - to allow same network traffic, which was set false in the tutorial --> this worked.

Current Problem: I still can't ping from controller node to the vm instances. I also can't ping from controller node to compute node on its external interface.

The vm instances are connected to the internet. The controller can ping the compute on the managment interface configured security groups to allow all ICMP (-1 -1)

Netowrk Configuration (Controller)
#management interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Network Configuration (compute1)
# management interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

#external network interface
auto eth0:0
iface eth0:0 inet manual
up ip link set dev $IFACE up
down ip link set dev $IFACE down

**nova.conf at the compute node -- only nova-network part since i believe might be the probelm here.

network_api_class =
security_group_api = nova
firewall_driver = nova.virt.libvirt.firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver
network_manager =
network_size = 254
allow_same_net_traffic = True
multi_host = True
send_arp_for_ha = True
share_dhcp_address = True
force_dhcp_release = True
flat_network_bridge = br100
flat_interface = eth0:0
public_interface = eth0:0

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Closing: This references a version of OpenStack which has been marked End Of Life - Please open a new question if you're still experiencing this with a more recent version of OpenStack.

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