Anyone has done successfully done openstack icehouse via development stack setup [closed]

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Does anyone has done proper setup for openstack icehouse via devstack. I have given hard disk size 150 GB and RAM 4GB for machine. I am always having problem with network , newly created VM's are not getting ping from outside as well cant ping from VM's. I tried to stack and unstack many times but still does not resolve this problem. If anyone has any clue or faced same kind of problem please help me out to solve this issue.

Please tell me the minimum network configuration requirement for the vCenter/ESX for this setup , i suspect this can be issue related to that only. Or installing via devstack need any other configuration for the components like routers and etc .... I did my installation on single node

Many thanks.

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Closing: This references a version of OpenStack which has been marked End Of Life - Please open a new question if you're still experiencing this with a more recent version of OpenStack.

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