Cinder-Volume creation error

asked 2013-07-09 19:19:28 -0600

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Grizzly install on Ubuntu server 12.04.

My server harddisk has two partions. Primary one which holds the OS boot image. And second to serve as LVM VG "cinder-volumes''. pvscan gives output

PV /dev/sda5 VG cindier-volumes lvm2 [45.49 GiB / 45.49 GiB free]

When I attempt to create cinder volume it fails to detect this VG with "Bad or unexpected response from the storage volume backend API: volume group cinder-volumes doesn't exist"

Using loopfile I could start the volume creation. But this eventually fails with "Fail to create iscsi target for volume" after trying all recommendation in Block Storage Service Admin guide.

Can we not use the LVM partition residing on primary HD for volume creation? Or am I missing something to have it detected? I am following OpenStack Install Guide for Ubuntu 12.04 for deployment.

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answered 2013-07-10 02:35:30 -0600

darragh-oreilly gravatar image

Looks like "cindier-volumes" is misspelt - or was that a copy-and-paste typo?

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