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Help needed to run Java Application on DevStack [closed]

asked 2014-05-14 03:32:00 -0500

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The below are the steps complete

a) Installing Devstack on Ubuntu machine b) Launching the "./" script that is present in /openstack/devstack
c) Observe nova, glance and cinder processes when "ps -e" is executed

Now I have a Java Application that I want to run on VM. How should I proceed. Are there any changes needed in Application? How do I run the Java App on the VM - can some share the command with arguments.

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VM is just like your Desktop with OS. Just install Eclipse and run your java app.

SGPJ gravatar imageSGPJ ( 2014-05-14 04:15:00 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-05-14 04:13:45 -0500

SGPJ gravatar image

updated 2014-05-14 04:16:26 -0500

Duplicate question.


Create a Linux instance (Ubuntu) and launch the VM with internet access

Install open jdk & Eclipse IDE in VM

Run you java app in VM using IDE.


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answered 2014-05-14 03:46:33 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image

updated 2014-05-14 03:51:47 -0500

If this is client side Java apps , setup JDK (OpenJDK) on VM and run your apps within VM
If this is Server side Java, then setup Sun Java Web Server on VM and deploy application to Java Web Server.
The only one issue your VM should have enough VCPUS, enough Memory and Disk space to handle Java.
All soft might be scp'ed to VM, afterwards installed via SSH or VNC login to your Openstack VM. Your floating IP should be working to support all this operations. Most probably you will have setup Light Weight X environment on this VM
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