ubuntu equallogic setup

asked 2014-05-13 16:35:59 -0600

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Having been told that Dell do not support Ubuntu with EQL SANs, I am left to try out work out how to connect my EQL to Ubuntu 14.04/Openstack Icehouse.

Question is, do I need to use open-iscsi to discover, configure, mount the volume group before trying to connect with Openstack Cinder usin gthe certified driver for Openstack.

OR is it simply, use the Cinder configuration with the certified driver on the compute nodes to make the SAN visible to Openstack for creating volumes?

regards Ian

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Ok, more researching indicates I still need to discover and mount as usual under my Linux OS. Now, I am confused with LUNS, do I split my EQLX storage into two LUNS, one for each compute host or just one large LUN which is accessible by both my compute nodes.

icm3012 gravatar imageicm3012 ( 2014-05-18 02:40:08 -0600 )edit