vsphere 5.5 cinder/glance integration

asked 2014-05-13 03:06:54 -0600

hisham gravatar image

Hi all,

trying to find if there is something missing with the vcenter driver integration for cinder/glance and its terrible speeds.

I configured glance to upload images straight into the datastore, this goes about 8mb/s After setting the option to allow insecure api requests, and then changing vcenter to allow http requests, I get about 60mb/s which is great.

For cinder there doesnt seem to be anything like this, as glance uses the datastore's uri to upload the data, where as cinder uses vcenter which no longer allows non-SSL connections.

So if I try to create a volume with an image as the source, I get about 8mb/s.

I thought having glance with a vsphere backend was going to alleviate stuff like this due to locality.

Any ideas?

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