use rabbitmq with haproxy and no ha_queues or use rabbitmq without haproxy and use ha_queues

asked 2014-05-12 09:36:31 -0500

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I'm a little confused. We have an active/active openstack controller (havana, with rabbitmq 3.x), with an haproxy in front of it.

when we use in nova.conf the rabbit_hosts and rabbit_ha_queues and point them to the individual controllers, we get more problems after a controller reboot than when we use rabbit_host and point it to the haproxy ip.

I would like to know what the best practices are in case of an active/active setup, and why. "Because it works best for you in your case" is not a valid answer because I want to understand what's happing (and why it is not happening)


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answered 2014-05-27 12:00:53 -0500

mcatudal gravatar image

Hello, I have the same question. Now I have a fully fonctionnal three node controller and I use HAproxy with mirror queue. But I never use the feature "rabbit_ha_queues" in the .conf file of Nova and Glance.

Have you an answer on that?

Martin Catudal

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With Rabbit 3 the rabbit_ha_queues in the conf is deprecated. Rabbit will ignore it anyway. rabbitmqctl set_policy ha-all ".*" '{"ha-mode":"all"}' will make all of your queues highly available. This is obviously after you setup your cluster. See this for more information.

SamYaple gravatar imageSamYaple ( 2014-05-27 18:04:13 -0500 )edit

I combine rabbitmqctl set_policy ha-all ".*" '{"ha-mode":"all"}' plus HAproxy in roundrobin. It is advisable?

mcatudal gravatar imagemcatudal ( 2014-06-04 06:45:41 -0500 )edit

do you have something special for ha-sync-mode ? I think the default is "manual" but I am wondering if it would not be preferrable to have it to "automatic" ?

gaud gravatar imagegaud ( 2015-08-21 11:13:29 -0500 )edit

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