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cinder-volume localhost:5672 unreachable

asked 2013-07-08 10:06:19 -0500

shoubam gravatar image

I am using devstack on ubuntu 12.04. When starting the after a reboot, the scripts hangs at the command

cd /opt/stack/cinder && /usr/local/bin/cinder-volume --config-file /etc/cinder/cinder.conf

with the message

2013-07-08 16:55:12.935 ERROR cinder.openstack.common.rpc.common   [req-94a7b477-794b-4679-864d-dd6deb7ba5e8 None None] AMQP server on localhost:5672 is  unreachable: Socket closed. Trying again in 1 seconds.
2013-07-08 16:55:13.939 INFO cinder.openstack.common.rpc.common [req-94a7b477-794b-4679-864d-dd6deb7ba5e8 None None] Reconnecting to AMQP server on localhost:5672
2013-07-08 16:55:14.006 DEBUG amqp [-] Start from server, version: 0.9, properties: {u'information': u'Licensed under the MPL.  See', u'product': u'RabbitMQ', u'copyright': u'Copyright (C) 2007-2011 VMware, Inc.', u'capabilities': {u'exchange_exchange_bindings': True, u'consumer_cancel_notify': True, u'publisher_confirms': True, u'basic.nack': True}, u'platform': u'Erlang/OTP', u'version': u'2.7.1'}, mechanisms: [u'PLAIN', u'AMQPLAIN'], locales: [u'en_US'] from (pid=4554) _start /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/amqp/

It is true that there is no one listening (at least on ipv4):

root@devstack:~# netstat -tulpen |grep 5672
tcp6       0      0 :::5672                 :::*                    LISTEN      104        9733        1285/beam.smp

What am I missing? What could I do to further debug this?

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answered 2013-08-10 20:21:39 -0500

fifieldt gravatar image

OpenStack uses a AMQP messaging bus for various components to communicate. By default, this is provided by RabbitMQ, but on RedHat-based systems usually QPID is used.

What the error means, and as you've noted, is that the RabbitMQ/QPID server is not running. Check the logs to determine if it has failed to start for some reason (such as missing the 'rabbit_password' as noted by bvivek), or if there is nothing there try starting it manually using the appropriate init script.

Once RabbitMQ/QPID is started, you should be able to start cinder once again.

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answered 2013-08-10 10:32:18 -0500

bvivek gravatar image

I had the same issue and it was solved by correcting the "rabbit_password" value in cinder.conf file.

For default installation this value is "guest" (please verify this in your setup).

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