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asked 2014-05-08 06:48:33 -0500

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is some document that specifies the process to migrate from keystone V2 to keystone V3. I have found this blueprint but it is not ready (Status: Not started).


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answered 2014-05-08 08:05:01 -0500

SamYaple gravatar image

Since the internal tools still have not migrated completely to the v3 api, it may be a while.

The page here shows all the various api calls and responses for both V3 and V2. You can lookup your current api calls for the V3 alternatives and begin using those if you so choose.

The fact is while V2 is deprecated, there is no removal date yet. It may get removed in Juno, but it probably won't get removed completely until K. So there is plenty of time to either wait for documentation or look up the appropriate new API calls.

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Hey Sam, that url gives a 404. Could you please update. Also since this question was asked long back, would like to know if a well documented migration article is present from keystone v2 to keystone v3.

DarkKnight gravatar imageDarkKnight ( 2016-04-20 02:00:58 -0500 )edit

[root@set-compute ~(keystone_admin)]# keystone --version --> 2.3.1 I get a deprecation message to upgrade the keystone client to pyton-openstackclient . Kindly talk about the process

DarkKnight gravatar imageDarkKnight ( 2016-04-20 02:02:48 -0500 )edit

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