Openstack VM is not accessible on LAN

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I am facing issue with accessing Open stack VM's on LAN.

  • I have setup single machine( opensatck using devstack, so all VM's are running inside this machine My machine( has one network card(eth0) and
  • I have installed neutron on same machine (
  • I have assigned static IP on eth0 of all the LAN machine( such as and in /etc/network/interfaces

Below works fine

  1. I can access internet from VM1( which is auto assigned IP).
  2. I can ping LAN machine( from VM1.
  3. Openstack machine( can ping VM1( VM1( can ping VM2(

But LAN machine is not able to ping VM1(

So please suggest how can it be achieved ? And Please consider me as very new to Openstack and networking.

Thanks !!!

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answered 2014-05-01 23:41:48 -0500

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Please check security group rules for ICMP & ssh. By default, Security group rules will not allow to ping or SSH in the Guest VMs. You need to add ALL ICMP & SSH for both ingress & egress rules by editing default security group.

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