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I recently acquired a old hp dl360 with 2 NICS (Network Interfaces.). I decided I want to boost my knowledge and can see that virtualisation and cloud is the future of the computing community. Heres my plan and I need some advice. I want to use the server (DevStack, Single Node, 8GB ram, 2 Xeons, 2 Nics) to emulate a small network. I want the server to host some kind of Linux running a Router and firewall and then also to have other instances providing a service. Im considering dmzing any incoming requests to the home router to the server so it seems that its outward facing. Then I want the other NIC to connect to a LinkSys WRT54GS which should be used as a hub/switch. This switch should then connect to my desktop pc/s.

What I ask: I already have devstack running on the eth0 according to the localrc. Its a static ip. I have also assigned a unused /200 range ( the floating VMS. The servers static ip is Is this a good configuration? What else should i configure/consider? Please recommend some kind of Linux Router that is half decent? and then where can I learn about configuring the OpenStack networking service to run in this way (the services are recieving internet via the other VM and also my switch should receive internet from eth1 through the router vm).

Any other advice?

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This question is really too broad. On a site like this you're better off asking specific questions that have objective answers; this is much more of an opinion question and would probably be better asked in some sort of discussion forum.

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