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Hi, there.
I have an icehouse/Ubuntu 14.04 test environment with one controller, 2 compute nodes and one cinder node(and a few other nodes for Neutruon,etc.) running in VMs (by virtualbox, all VMs running in one physical box).
Create an instance by,
1. cinder create --image-id <id> --display-name boot-volume
2. nova boot --flavor <flavor-name> --block_device_mapping vda=<id of="" boot-volume="">:::0 vm-k1
3. nova-manage vm list, it shows vm-test running in node compute1
And then, nova live-migration vm-k1 compute2

It returns "ERROR: Live migration of instance 7aa10e80-fcb8-4e18-af01-c054a4edb60b to another host failed (HTTP 400)". And the instance is still running ,but with status "migrating" all the time. Reset its state back to active by "nova reset-state --active vm-k1", work well.
Check the log, nothing in compute1; get something like below in nova-compute.log in compute2,
"2014-04-27 10:51:43.903 3603 ERROR nova.virt.libvirt.driver [req-81a90c61-19c2-49e5-9790-44e87ca505ce 03b6a0683c734761a4100451e6d3e612 fd417c1184ca46a895d68f4696da129f] CPU doesn't have compatibility. XML error: CPU feature ht' specified more than once".<br> and get this in nova-conductor.log in the controller,<br> "2014-04-27 10:57:19.822 1610 ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.common [-] Returning exception Migration error: Remote error: libvirtError XML error: CPU featureht' specified more than once"

There shouldn't be any cpu compatibility issues in such an environment, all in VM with similar configs.
My issue looks like this bug 1303536 ( ( ) and has a patch ( ). Verify the code mentioned in the patch, it's updated (since mine is icehouse already).

Looking forward for your advise. Thanks a lot!

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