While creating user in keystone i got the error __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'print_empty' in openstack icehouse

asked 2014-04-23 07:35:13 -0600

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updated 2014-04-23 07:37:12 -0600

I am trying to create user in keystone openstack icehouse, i got the followiing error .

keystone user-create --name='admin' --pass=******** --email=saravana.kumar@gmail.com

__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'print_empty'

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need more information on this issue, could you paste the output of debug info by issue the following cmd?

keystone --debug user-create --name='admin' --pass=******** --email=saravana.kumar@gmail.com
9lives gravatar image9lives ( 2014-04-23 09:13:23 -0600 )edit

Please find the below output of the command

keystone --debug user-create --name='admin' --pass=*--email=saravana.kumar@gmail.com DEBUG:keystoneclient.session:REQ: curl -i -X POST http://saravana-pc:35357/v2.0/users -H "User-Agent: python-keystoneclient" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token: 1f5b4fb5e01463881ad0" -d '{"user": {"email": "saravana.kumar@gmail.com" , "password": " * ", "enabled": true, "name": "admin", "tenantId": null}}' INFO:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTP connection (1): saravana-pc DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:Setting read timeout to 600.0 DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:"POST /v2.0/users HTTP/1.1" 200 148 DEBUG:keystoneclient.session:RESP: [200] CaseInsensitiveDict({'date': 'Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:17:43 GMT', 'vary': 'X-Auth-Token', 'content-length': '148', 'content-type': 'application/json', 'x-distribution': 'Ubuntu'}) RESP BODY: {"user": {"username": "admin", "name": "admin", "enabled": true, "email": "saravana.kumar@gmail.com" , "id": "c135ed83de6d43808191d457a61aed85"}}

__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'print_empty'

saravanakumar gravatar imagesaravanakumar ( 2014-04-23 09:22:25 -0600 )edit

ok, it seemed still not enough, could you paste the keystone.conf and the keystone.log as well for debugging? The keystone.conf is in the /etc/keystone while the keysonte.log is in /var/log/keystone.

9lives gravatar image9lives ( 2014-04-23 09:42:15 -0600 )edit

Please find pastebin link, which has keystone.conf and keystone-all.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/7315239/

saravanakumar gravatar imagesaravanakumar ( 2014-04-23 09:57:03 -0600 )edit

Is your keystone DB correctly initialized? Which guide are you using? If not, try reading http://docs.openstack.org/icehouse/in... step 5.

If you already initialized the DB, do you have the same error with other users, let's say using:

 keystone --debug user-create --name='debug-test' --pass='debug' --email='saravana.kumar@gmail.com'
Antonio G. gravatar imageAntonio G. ( 2014-04-23 10:09:07 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-04-25 18:44:50 -0600

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well i am not sure. could u try to create same user again and check if there is error or warning in keystone-all.log saying that the user is already in db?if this is the case this might mean a potential bug for icehouse keystone client. You can report one in https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-key... .

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Yes i am getting duplicate entry error in mysql, I have raised a bug, Please find the url. https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-key...

saravanakumar gravatar imagesaravanakumar ( 2014-04-28 06:01:57 -0600 )edit

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