lbaas_agent.ini file not being read [closed]

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I am using devstack, and I am trying to add a custom LBaaS driver. I have registered my config group:

 from oslo.config import cfg
 cfg.CONF.register_opts(<opt_array>, <group_name>)

and for this group, I have added some configs in the lbaas_agent.ini file, which is passed as an argument to neutron-lbaas-agent, i.e, the agent command line looks like this:

/usr/bin/neutron-lbaas-agent --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf --config-file=/etc/neutron/lbaas_agent.ini

but the config is not read!.

I tried moving the configs to neutron.conf and _then_ I could read the configs in my driver code!. Is the lbaas_agent.ini file ignored, or neutron.conf overrides the rest ?


I'm seeing the same behavior in Icehouse (with RDO) as well.

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