i built a page Web using Java EE and i want to integrate it into OpenStack.How can i do?

asked 2014-04-19 05:43:23 -0600

anonymous user


i installed OpenStack with DevStack

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answered 2014-04-19 06:13:54 -0600

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Not doing that before, two suggestions for you: 1. Calling the OpenStack API using java directly by this api reference http://docs.openstack.org/api/api-ref... 2. Using the Java bindings directly by this link http://jclouds.apache.org/guides/open...

Hope that helps!


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Thanks ! My application deal with setting up a private cloud storage to store data. i used openstack for the first time. I was preparing an interface shown to users with Java EE but i don't know how to integrated into Openstack. The Web interface is ready and i used Eclipse to do it.So, i need Jcloud to integrate it ?

fahmi gravatar imagefahmi ( 2014-04-28 15:33:44 -0600 )edit

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