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neutron ML2 Plug-in server and ML2 agent in Icehouse

asked 2014-04-18 17:10:32 -0500

icm3012 gravatar image


I am about to install Icehouse using Ubuntu 14.04 and wanted to use the Openstack services across a system based on two nodes, one a controller node and one a compute node. Although I intend to have two controller nodes and two compute nodes for HA requirements.

In the documentation for installing on Ubuntu, it seems to indicate that a three node configuration is required and a two node setup is only valid for the legacy networking option.

Can I install the Neutron ML2 server and agent on the same node, in my case the controller node. Otherwise, Can I install the agent on the compute node.

Regards Ian

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answered 2014-04-18 20:50:53 -0500

9lives gravatar image

Not Actually done ML2 yet, but mebbe i can give a quick clue for this, just try to setup 1 controller and 1 compute node using devstack with neutron ML2 plugin. For controller node just install almost everything except nova-compute the ML2 plugin is default option for Neutron, for compute node configure ML2 plugin by this guide

Be sure point the rabbit_mq, keystone_service_host, etc to controller node on compute node's local.conf file.

Let us know if if you successfully got this setup.

Hope that helps!


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answered 2014-04-19 00:48:42 -0500

icm3012 gravatar image

Hi Vic

Thanks, I will try that when I get delivery of my new hardware - about a week or so.

Regards Ian

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