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can't create user glance one keystone

asked 2014-04-18 08:43:53 -0500

e.hasani gravatar image

I try the command that is written to the manual:

$ keystone user-create --name=glance --pass=GLANCE_PASS \

but it reply expecting an auth URL via either --os-auth-url or env[OS_AUTH_URL].

i did not have this problem when i created the admin in the keystone.

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answered 2014-04-18 09:10:55 -0500

It was probably because you already sourced the file with ADMIN_TOKEN when you attempt to create the admin user. Then, after a restart for example, you lose those env variables so you have to resource the novarc file.

Please refer to this guide for user creation:

Read carefully the initial part, it explains well authentication behavior.

To immediately solve your problem you could create a adminrc file with admin credentials and send keystone commands after having sourced it; refer to this guide, steps 4 and 5:

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thanx i should have done the export OS_SERVICE_TOKEN=ADMIN_TOKEN & export OS_SERVICE_ENDPOINT=http://controller:35357/v2.0 then the user creation

e.hasani gravatar imagee.hasani ( 2014-04-18 10:13:14 -0500 )edit

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