How to disable boot from Volume in Havana?

asked 2014-04-17 06:40:28 -0500

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I need to disable booting-from-volume in Havana. Could anybody point me to howto guide?

Clarification: I need a configuration that make users create the instance with only ephemeral storage. I need to disable the boot-from volume in horizon and in nova API.

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answered 2014-04-17 06:45:47 -0500

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updated 2014-04-17 06:55:47 -0500

Just run

    $ service openstack-cinder-volume stop
    $ service openstack-cinder-volume disable

    or stop all of them . I am not willing to experiment on working cluster

    == Cinder services ==
    openstack-cinder-api:                   active
    openstack-cinder-scheduler:             active
    openstack-cinder-volume:                active

It won't affect nova ability to load instance via glance image
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Why I am so sure? Gluster volume replica 2 works as a backend for cinder. If at startup gluster volume fails to start ( say one of glusterd daemons doesn't start) it causes cinder-volume service failure to start . System works but I cannot boot VM based on cinder volume , which resides on glusterfs.
VM booting up via glance image, doesn't suffer from situation with Glusterd daemon on Contoller or on Compute Node. As soon as I restart Glusterd and gluster volume ( replica 2) comes on line . All three cinder services should be restarted and df -h output starts showing entry like :- 187G 63G 115G 36% /var/lib/cinder/volumes/96a102562c15c1e35ff0bcf0ef8719ae.
All system comes into manageable state.

dbaxps gravatar imagedbaxps ( 2014-04-17 07:34:32 -0500 )edit

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