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How to integrate Chef Client Server with OpenStack heat ?

asked 2014-04-17 02:38:07 -0600

Harsh gravatar image

I need to install Chef Server on the same machine on which OpenStack is running and Chef client on all of the node brought up by OpenStack.

How will the yaml heat template look like, that can provision the node, install Chef client and then configure that node with the Chef client to communicate with the Chef server?

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answered 2015-02-12 20:05:53 -0600

Steve Baker gravatar image

In general it would not be recommended to install Chef Server on an OpenStack control node because it is not a multi-tenant service, but lets put that aside for this answer.

As far as the heat template and the chef client goes, you could use the OS::Heat::CloudConfig resource to specify the cloud-config to connect to the chef server and then reference that resource in your server user_data

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