[Havana] [Ceilometer] Telemetry meter network.*.rate always empty

asked 2014-04-15 07:37:44 -0600

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this more a generic question. Under http://docs.openstack.org/developer/c... you'll find meter for network related telemetry. Among those are meters like network.outgoing.bytes.rate, a gauge value. But these are always returned empty. The cumulative values related to network all work just fine. I also checked the mongodb:

> db.meter.find({'counter_name':'network.incoming.bytes.rate'})
> db.meter.find({'counter_name':'network.outgoing.bytes.rate'})

But nothing is returned. On a side note: The complete "Compute" part is missing in the horizon dashboard. But most other meters can be received just fine. It seems not to be a problem with the configuration. Unless, if using neutron means that you need to specify configuration values that are non-default.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Phil

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