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I am running Fedora20/IceHouse/RDO. I have been using the GroupAntiAffinityFilter to implement some affinity/anti-affinity rules. I have GroupAntiAffinityFilter set in nova.conf for my filters and I start my instances with the name of the group as a hint.

nova boot --flavor 1 --image <image-id> --hint group=test tstvm1.

Since the last couple of days, I have been getting failures with the error that "instance group test could not be found". My current version of nova client does not seem to have an option to set up instance groups nor could I find any documentation from the most recent guide. Has anyone hit this issue or been able to workaround this?

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I'm going to close this as "outdated". Please reopen if it's still relevant, but this is in reference to very old versions of stuff.

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