Does Rabbit configure hosts to function/failover even if Rabbit is down?

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I'm new to cloud, and VERY new to OpenStack. I've used, and built, VMWare vSphere and Hyper-V clusters, so I know a bit. OpenStack looks, at 1st glance, usefull to me, but some things isn't clear to me. I'm 1 of the old dudes, so virtual enviroment was/is kind of abstract. I have managed to accept/understand virtualization though. Cloud is not making things better. :)

I've watched a number of OpenStack videoes and read a lot, but 1 thing eludes me completely. When installing, you need to provide Glancehost and Rabbithost. I figured out the Glance is the "equevelent" of Microsoft WDS, more or less. Rabbit is HA controller.

To have a HA cluster I need Rabbit, so far so good. But can the Rabbit host be a guest? What if the host that holds Rabbit guest go down?

In essence: Does Rabbit configure hosts to function/failover even if Rabbit is down? Or do Rabbit control/initiate the failover?

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answered 2014-04-10 14:36:46 -0600

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Glance manages the VM templates. WDS does more than that, as it takes care of Windows unattended deployments.

RabbitMS is a queuing service, like Microsoft MSMQ. It's used by most OpenStack components to communicate among each others, so it's unrelated to HA clustering (a concept that does not fit particularly well in the OpenStack model).

Said that, I don't think that looking for equivalent technologies in virtualization stacks which are architecturally so different can help. OpenStack takes some of its "inspiration" from Amazon EC2, so if you are familiar with it you'll find many similar concepts.

Here's a good starting point for learning OpenStack:


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LOL, So I managed to misunderstand just about everything.


I guess I'll have to read a bit more, so I actually can post a qullyfied newbie question. :)

fveggerby gravatar imagefveggerby ( 2014-04-10 14:52:12 -0600 )edit

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