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I just upgraded our openstack grizzly to havana. After upgrading quantum to neutron, I lost connections to instances. Instances cannot get IP addresses from dhcp agent.
I am using Per-tenant routers with private networks guide on my environment. It is based Ubuntu 12.04 lts

After I checked almost everything, every log, every conf files. Lastly, I discovered that my internal network's segmentation-ID does not match with tags in network and compute hosts.


I checked this internal network which has segmentation-id of 5: root@KSFINODE1:/home/ksadmin# neutron net-show IE-InternalNetwork

| Field                     | Value                                |
| admin_state_up                           | True                                 |
| id                                                         | c1d56557-57d8-4957-9061-099b4f531b0a |
| name                                                 | IE-InternalNetwork                   |
| provider:network_type            | gre                                  |
| provider:physical_network     |                                      |
| provider:segmentation_id      | 5                                    |
| router:external                              | False                                |
| shared                                             | False                                |
| status                                                | ACTIVE                               |
| subnets                                           | 6c1b0baa-8976-4069-9ef4-d2e72a8f3369 |
| tenant_id                                         | f937bf0a4c8a46ab9262fca6fae20741     |

I find an example dhcp port name on network which should be on network node:

root@KSFINODE1:/home/ksadmin# neutron port-list |grep 244b | 244b58d8-99c2-4fe9-9c32-3b35c4ac5c53 | | fa:16:3e:c9:9b:4f | {"subnet_id": "6c1b0baa-8976-4069-9ef4-d2e72a8f3369", "ip_address": ""}

When I checked the port state on network node, I realized that it tagged by 1:

Port "tap244b58d8-99"
            tag: 1
            Interface "tap244b58d8-99"
                type: internal

On the same internal network, I find a instance port on compute node. It is tagged by 3!:

Port "qvo14f0a032-57"
            tag: 3
            Interface "qvo14f0a032-57"

As you can see, all of them are tagger with different ID.

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