Neutron and PXE Boot

asked 2014-04-07 11:42:47 -0500

omniopen gravatar image

Is it possible to PXE boot with Neutron networking?

I wanted to test out Mirantis OpenStack 4.1 HA configuration on my OpenStack installation (created by Mirantis OpenStack 4.0) and it seems not possible due to the private IP auto-assignment by Neutron. The Mirantis OpenStack 4.1 image is running fine (its IP address matches that assigned by Neutron) but it does not seem possible for Mirantis OpenStack's PXE server to serve DHCP to PXE clients (created according to ( ). Both the PXE server and PXE clients have all TCP/UDP ports open and the network has DHCP disabled. For example, if the PXE server wants to serve address to Instance A but Neutron assigned to Instance A then the PXE boot will obviously fail. For this reason it seems PXE booting is not possible in OpenStack even though every Google search result on the subject states that it is possible. Is PXE booting possible with Neutron networking?

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