when using vmware esxi as hypervisor, how can make single vmdk files

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Hi, I'm trying to adopt vmware esxi as hypervisor. Now I can make a vm thru nova boot command and I can check vmdk files on datastore browser on vsphere client. I'm using vcenter 5.5, 2 ESXi hosts and a iSCSi storage.

Actually I want to make this VM as SINGLE shapshot image to use for a single GLANCE image.
The reason why I'm trying this work is because I want to move VMs working on ESXi host not related with openstack nova to other ESXi host working with openstack nova.

But in this case, VM files stored in datastore are not a single vmdk, and vmware-vdiskmanager command cannot merge them into single vmdk file with following error messages:

$ ./vmware-vdiskmanager -r /vm/fca0bfd4-1ca0-44f9-80cd-629ebeeeab98.vmdk -t 0 /vm/single.vmdk Creating disk '/vm/single.vmdk' FILE: FileLockCreateEntryDirectory creation failure on '/vmfs/volumes/533e83b0-6d3e2dd4-6d94-0026b935202b/_base/1223ee95-bf08-4b8d-8ccd-a0140a20397c/1223ee95-bf08-4b8d-8ccd-a0140a20397c.1.vmdk.lck': No such file or directory FILE: FileIO_Lock on '/vmfs/volumes/533e83b0-6d3e2dd4-6d94-0026b935202b/_base/1223ee95-bf08-4b8d-8ccd-a0140a20397c/1223ee95-bf08-4b8d-8ccd-a0140a20397c.1.vmdk' failed: No such file or directory Failed to convert disk: The parent of this virtual disk could not be opened (0x1700003e8c).

please, teach me how to make single vmdk file on datastore of vsphere and if suceeded to make single vmdk file, can I use this vmdk file as a glance image to make custom VM?

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Have you tried exporting the VM in OVF format and creting a new VM from that OVF? Teorically I think it will create a unique vmdk disk.

Let us know...

Antonio G. gravatar imageAntonio G. ( 2014-04-17 08:13:56 -0500 )edit