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nova-network vcdriver vsphere [closed]

asked 2014-04-02 17:26:38 -0500

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Hi All,

Im running Havana using the vcdriver for nova to use vsphere as the hypervisor environment. Everything works except an issue exists with nova-network using vlanmanager. When the controller node that has nova-network is not on the same host as the instances being created, they dont get an IP despite the controller node still having an interface thats connected to a trunk port group. The controller node does not receive any of the traffic.

Is there any additional configuration missing? seems that this is not intended if the vcdriver is for managing a pool of hosts.

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answered 2014-04-02 18:11:06 -0500

hisham gravatar image

nevermind I didnt define the vlan on the switch so it worked internal on the one host

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