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Is it possible to install nova node on the controller and not on a separate host?

asked 2014-04-02 08:07:13 -0500

michalkm gravatar image

Hey Due to lack of resources (doing a POC of Openstack and only have 1 server for the job), is it possible to install the Nova compute node on the same machine as the controller ? and same goes for the Neutron. I've already installed the Keystone and Glance on this host. Swift will be installed on a separate server. Please advise

thanks michal

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answered 2014-04-02 08:27:04 -0500

SamYaple gravatar image

You can install all components on a single node. All services are (mostly) indepentant of eachother. You can have keystone, glance, nova-compute, swift, and cinder all on the same node, or all on seperate nodes.

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answered 2014-04-03 00:10:47 -0500

sateesh gravatar image


Please follow the below link for single node installation. (

regards Sateesh

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