nova image-list: Unauthorized. Reason: wrong IP [closed]

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Following the installation guide for Centos, I can't list my images using Nova. User, tenant, password information is correct, glance image-list works, nova <other command> works as well, only nova image-list comes back with the message that my credentials are not sufficient. No indication in debug output what might be wrong.

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answered 2014-04-01 07:15:38 -0600

In my particular case, the problem was that Nova was unable to reach Glance. This was so because I had set my_ip in nova.conf to a wrong address; the default glance host is $my_ip. Correcting the address fixed the problem.

While I found nothing in the nova output, debug or not, that could have given me a clue, on hindsight I should have become suspicious because there was no trace of this request in the glance log.

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