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How to delete old directory of container already deleted?

asked 2014-04-01 01:18:12 -0600

lee gravatar image

When delete any container, the container is marked as deleted. And that's it. but finally container's real directoy not deleted. In this reason, Although I delete many old container, container-updater will continue to be checked for synchronization, over and over and over including all directory of deleted container already. This cause terrible performance bottle neck by repetitive creating and deleting of container as time goes on.

How can I delete container's real directory permanently, of active account?

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answered 2014-04-16 18:51:06 -0600

clayg gravatar image

container's will be deleted by the container-replicator after their reclaim age has passed. The reclaim age is configurable:

go down the "container-replicator" section

It is not safe to delete to delete the containers any sooner that the consistency engine cycle time because it can lead to ghost entries in the accounts.

You can also turn down the concurrency and interval on the container updater.

But the container's won't actually updating if they're fully reported, so the only overhead should be the quick check on the container_stat table for the reported timestamps and the io of container-updaters file system walk - which you should be able to tune to the load and capabilities of your system.

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thanks clayg, your reply.

#before reclaim age /data1/sdb/containers/18099/e06 /data1/sdb/containers/18099/e06/46b3b4cb80c6ba2d96686913a3537e06 /data1/sdb/containers/18099/e06/46b3b4cb80c6ba2d96686913a3537e06/.lock /data1/sdb/containers/18099/e06/46b3b4cb80c6ba2d96686913a3537e06/46b3b4cb80c6ba2d96686913a3537e06.db

#after reclaim age /data1/sdb/containers/18099

I confirmed top directory 18099 was not deleted after reclaim age like upper. top directoy like 18099 directory, other many top directory remain also although reclaim age gone.

I wonder why not deleted top directory 18099 . many remaing directory is seeked at container-updater/auditor/sync process. this cause i/o bottleneck.

lee gravatar imagelee ( 2014-04-17 02:17:36 -0600 )edit

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