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Where can I get XSD files for Openstack APIs

asked 2013-06-27 11:04:34 -0500

seaman25 gravatar image

Hi, I am developing some features in java as a REST client for Openstack APIs, where can I get the XSD files for Openstack APIs of all components? It will facilitate my development if I have these XSD files as the definition of API specifications. I would appreciate it if anyone can provide the links or some tips.

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answered 2013-06-28 08:45:19 -0500

dolph gravatar image

updated 2013-07-05 09:30:56 -0500

XSD files are located in the (project-api repos on github), and might vary slightly per project. Here's a few direct links, for example:

  • (Identity API)

  • (Compute API)

  • (Database API)

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Thanks! But I didn't find the XSD files for Volume API, do you know any other location may contain that?

seaman25 gravatar imageseaman25 ( 2013-07-03 04:36:16 -0500 )edit

And those for ceilometer too don't seem to be there. Did anyone find XSD's for ceilometer?

Jobin gravatar imageJobin ( 2013-07-05 06:01:12 -0500 )edit

They may not exist (yet), depending on how much the community around those projects have pursued XML support.

dolph gravatar imagedolph ( 2013-07-05 09:35:14 -0500 )edit

Ya @dolph, probably you are right. There may not exist XSD's for ceilomter as yet.

Jobin gravatar imageJobin ( 2013-07-07 12:24:08 -0500 )edit

OK, got it. Thanks @dolph and @Jobin.

seaman25 gravatar imageseaman25 ( 2013-07-21 06:50:18 -0500 )edit

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