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accessing floating IP within guest OS

asked 2014-03-31 11:09:37 -0500

sbharrat gravatar image

How is a floating IP associated with an interface "learned" by an application running within the guest OS? Take, for example, a SIP UA running in the guest OS. The interface would have a floating IP in order so that it is reachable from users on the public net. When setting up the signaling, the SIP UA will need to be build the SDP to contain the address to which media should be sent, i.e. the floating IP address associated with the interface, not the fixed IP. (I understand that the IP tables will rewrite the address of the received packets to the fixed address by the time the guest OS sees the packets.) Hence, the SIP UA application (running within the guest OS) will need to somehow learn the floating IP address associated with the interface.

Thanks and cheers, Shaun

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answered 2014-03-31 12:20:58 -0500

larsks gravatar image

You have a few options:

  • You can provide this information to your instance through some sort of external orchestration tool, like Heat or Ansible or similar. This is probably the best solution, and automating your application deployment gives you a more robust environment, since it's easy to re-create on demand.

  • You could use a service like to determine the externally visible ip of your instance.

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