OS is not booting though instance is in Active State

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I already have openstack setup with 2 compute's which are working fine, I am able to create instances and able to use them perfectly, Recently i added one more compute to the existing setup, i installed packages which are required and everything seems to be okay. I am able to create instance. Instance is created without any errors and it is in active state but OS never boots.. So i booted same image in another compute node where it is booting properly. I am confused how come the same image works in one node but not in new node. I just need some help on this quickly.

Click the dropbox link for screenshot which shows the status of instance in terminal.

image description

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Hello, which OS image are you trying to upload in new node? Can you check with simple cirros image. What does the compute log say?

opencloud gravatar imageopencloud ( 2014-03-28 01:55:37 -0600 )edit