Ring rebalance process put request

asked 2014-03-26 23:57:41 -0600

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I understand that to minimize the chance that a file can't be read during Swift rebalance process, swift follows

Whenever a partition has a replica reassigned, the time of the reassignment is recorded. This is taken into account when gathering partitions to reassign so that no partition is moved twice in a configurable amount of time. This configurable amount of time is known internally to the RingBuilder class as min_part_hours. This restriction is ignored for replicas of partitions on devices that have been removed, as removing a device only happens on device failure and there’s no choice but to make a reassignment.

But i am not sure about how new put request are handled during ring rebalance.

  1. Are these new request forwarded to new assigned servers or old servers ?
  2. For new objects put does it check from both new and old owner servers ?

Regards, Sunh

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