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I'm using Puppet to deploy the four openstack nodes (controller, compute, network and storage). I'm running the puppet master and the four nodes as VM's on ESXI. All the nodes are running on centOS 6.5. The controll, compute and storage node seem to have installed just fine.

I'm having problems with the network node. And with vswitch on that node in particular. During the Puppet run an external ovs bridge (br-ex) is created. After setting up the bridge it tries to continue with rolling out the network node modules. But it can't because it lost connection to the internet because the bridge is not working properly. The bridge setup looks fine but i just doesn´t let me out any more.

Is this a problem i can fix? Or is the network node (ovs bridge) never going to work as a VM on ESXI?

Thanks in advance!


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answered 2014-03-27 17:25:16 -0600

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There are notorious issues between kernel versions and OVS. Check this site for suggestions on how to address them.

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