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Glance gateway timeout error while uploading Images

asked 2014-03-26 01:07:15 -0500

Gowri gravatar image

updated 2014-04-15 06:04:57 -0500

dachary gravatar image


I have an OpenStack deployment in HA mode up and running but I am having problems with uploading Savanna image (and other smaller images).

Uploading Vanilla image is taking very long time ( Compared to uploading same image in non HA mode ) and I am getting "504 Gateway timeout error" but its fine for smaller images. Even after getting the error ,sometimes I can still use the image to launch a cluster , but I am not able to figure out the reason for the error.

I am using the following setup :

  1. Nova network.
  2. Flat DHCP Manager.
  3. I am using Ceph as backend for both Glance and Cinder.
  4. I am trying to upload latest Vanilla Image for savanna link : , format : qcow2

Can anyone help me with this ?

Thanks , Gowri

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How to do you upload the image? I know to ways:

  • While creating an image, provide an URL to the image location.
  • Download image manually and upload it as a file via glance CLI utility.
dmitrymex gravatar imagedmitrymex ( 2014-03-26 02:30:23 -0500 )edit


Thanks for the response,

I downloaded the image manually and trying to upload it via dashboard.

Other details: I am using Fuel 4.0, Havana on Centos.

Gowri gravatar imageGowri ( 2014-03-27 04:17:37 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-03-27 05:26:33 -0500

dmitrymex gravatar image

Hmm, I am not an expert in Glance, but I can suggest a possible workaround: try uploading from one of controller nodes via CLI:

glance image-create --name=test_image --disk-format=qcow2 --container-format=bare < your_image.qcow2

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Hi , Thanks for the response .

Yes I wil try uploading from controller and get back to you ,but I still have to figure out the reason for this. Is the timeout set anywhere in Glance? I mean , while uploading the image the timeout parameter might be set and once it has reached, its just showing an error but the image is uploaded correctly.Could it be something like this or do you think it is related to the network ?

Thanks for the support .

Gowri gravatar imageGowri ( 2014-04-01 23:01:38 -0500 )edit

I am not an expert in Glance, so I can't suggest where to find that timeout setting.

dmitrymex gravatar imagedmitrymex ( 2014-04-02 05:51:26 -0500 )edit

Were you able to upload via glance ? If yes, it means the timeout is related to horizon : you have narrowed down the problem. If not, the glance logs would help figure out where it happens.

dachary gravatar imagedachary ( 2014-04-15 06:04:32 -0500 )edit

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I was able to upload the image. Looks like it was a network time out issue. Without any changes, I was able to upload the same image after some time. Anyway, Thanks for the help.

Gowri gravatar imageGowri ( 2014-11-21 06:14:42 -0500 )edit

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