how to put root disk and ephemeral disk in cinder volumes

asked 2014-03-24 05:44:41 -0600

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Hi currently i am using HAVANA and want to do following things: a)put root disk and ephemeral disk in cinder volumes. b)while instance booting it should mount root and ephemeral disks from cinder volume. c)also want to customize mount point while mounting ephemeral disks from cinder volume.(Instead of /dev/vda and /dev/vdb something different.)

Please tell me way to do this?

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answered 2014-03-24 09:08:25 -0600

SamYaple gravatar image

I will try to answer you questions, but you may need to be more specific.

A) Cinder already does this. Just create the root volume. The ephemeral should be created at time of launch, size specified by the instance flavor selected. I will have to double check this because I forget exactly how ephemeral storage works when you are selecting "Boot From Volume"

B) The instance will boot from the volume if the volume is bootable. I am not sure what you meant by "mount root" as that should be taken care of by your OS

C) You can set the mount point of a volume when you first attach it, however you cannot set it when you launch an instance with the "Boot From Volume" option. Perhaps you can explain further why you would like these to change, and to what would yo like them to change to?

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answered 2014-03-26 11:20:07 -0600

Trump.Zhang gravatar image

A) Put root disk in cinder volumes: has already supported by block-device-mapping-v2 extension of nova. From the CLI, you can done through:

nova boot xxxx -block-device source=image,dest=volume,id={image_id},bootindex=0,...

Put ephemeral disk in cinder volumes is not supported, and if you just want two persistent volumes for the instance, you can just append another "-block-device" argument in the above cli command.

B) Just see A)

C) The "mount point" you mentioned should be called "bus type", and is already supported by block-device-mapping-v2 extension. Just append "bus={lun,disk,scsi}" property to the "-block-device", and if "bus=lun" or "bus=scsi", you will see /dev/sda inside instance.

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how can i achieve the same from dashboard by selecting boot from image only? any ideas would help

sudarshan gravatar imagesudarshan ( 2014-05-29 08:16:08 -0600 )edit

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