Neutron Flat networking with no dhcp [closed]

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I would like to configure my openstack to use IP's from the same network as my physical server. I do not want to use dhcp or floating IP's.

neutron net-create --tenant-id TENANT-ID --shared sharednet1 --provider:network_type flat --provider:physical_network physnet1
neutron subnet-create sharednet1 --gateway-ip --diable-dhcp

When create an instance , Nova should able to 'inject a ip' to instance.

  1. Is that possiable ?
  2. How to configure it?
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I don't believe there is a facility for injecting network configuration information into an instance other than through the use of DHCP. There appears to be blueprint to enable this capability:

larsks gravatar imagelarsks ( 2014-03-31 13:57:00 -0600 )edit