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RDO havana Can't Modify Users in Project

asked 2014-03-21 14:36:40 -0500

jsaintro gravatar image

updated 2014-03-28 16:16:58 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image

Had an issue with a fresh install, using RDO Havana, where you get an error when trying to Modify Users from the Projects screen (While using Horizon).

The error in horizon:

Error: An error occurred. Please try again later

From the horizon.log:

NotFound: Could not find default role "Member" in Keystone

Problem Description The Horizon is trying to use the default role "Member" which doesn't exist. The role "_member_" does exist and I assume is the correct role in this case.

Out of curiosity are other people seeing this error as well?

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Agreed. I think this might be a recent change in the RDO puppet scripts because when I was testing last week I could have sworn it was creating both roles (Member and _member_).

jsaintro gravatar imagejsaintro ( 2014-03-21 16:34:53 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-03-28 16:17:42 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image


sed -i 's/"Member"/"\_member\_"/' /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings
service httpd restart
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brilliant! thanks very much! just had the same problem with openstack-dashboard-2014.1-1.el6 - this worked like a charm

Alexei gravatar imageAlexei ( 2014-05-11 19:17:41 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-03-21 14:57:58 -0500

mpetason gravatar image

You could add the other role in Keystone for "Member" and it would work, but yes, sometimes there is an issue with the default type, where keystone isn't aware of the role because it wasn't setup. Some people say the fix is change it to "admin" but really you just have to setup the right roles.

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