Devstack multinode: not able access Guest VMs on Compute Node

asked 2014-03-21 08:39:50 -0600

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I followed below guide to bring Ryu Multinode setup: Link:

image description

Setup: Devstack Controller node is running Ryu Manger SDN and one Compute Node with Ryu Neutron Agent. Created couple of Cirros VMs on both Controller & Compute node, associated floating IP address to all four VMs. Provided All ICMP & SSH security policies.

Problem: Not able to ping or console access Cirros VMs running on Compute Node via Floating IP or Private IP. However able to ping & access VMs running on Controller node.

Workaround Used: First SSHed into Cirros VM running on Controller node then able to ping VMs on compute node.

Is there any solution to ping or console access to VMs on compute node directly?

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answered 2015-06-11 13:42:05 -0600

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The Ryu driver was deprecated, then later removed in Kilo. I would suggest you use a supported driver.

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