Running HAProxy on a separate instance/node

asked 2014-03-18 05:58:42 -0600

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I have a devstack installation, and with it, I have LBaaS enabled and working, with HAProxy (i.e, HAProxy running on the same host where I have the rest of the services).

I want to run HAProxy on a _separate instance/node_, but I am not finding the required configurations/changes to accomplish this, can anyone guide me how to do this.


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answered 2014-03-18 08:49:41 -0600

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HAProxy has to exist on the same node as the l3_agent. Just like ipsec and iptables have to exist on the same node as the l3_agent to be able to use vpn or firewalls (iptables is also the core of the whole routing deal).

What is your goal in moving off HAProxy to a seperate node? Perhaps we can address that.

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