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I am deploying a PoC/demo on CentOS 6.5. I want to have multiple external networks. The end result should be something like: (Desired networks) The 3 networks are come in through a Cisco switch. For various reasons I want to treat them as if they are coming from 3 dumb switches, so VLANs are not an option in this instance.

My understanding is that it should end up looking like: (My interpretation of the various networking parts)

Please excuse the bizarre NIC choices, there is a good reason,

When I configure just the external/net0 networks everything works great. I can access the VMs via their external address,different VMs communicate via their internal address, everything works across hosts. So I have eth2 as part of br-ex, physnet2 is mapped to br-ex: - ifcfg-br-ex: - ifcfg-eth2: - ovs_neutron_plugin.ini:

Now, if I do the same thing with eth0 and eth4 (eth0 -> br-enc -> physnet0 and eth4 -> br-ing - physnet4) I no longer have any external networking.

In this instance my ovs_neutron_plugin.ini is (this).

I create each external network with (modified as necessary):

neutron net-create external --router:external=True \
    --provider:physical_network physnet2 --provider:network_type=flat

Do I have some fundamental misunderstanding of how to use --provider or something?

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