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protocol_port value is not an integer

asked 2014-03-12 02:51:35 -0500

RiscYu gravatar image

Hi I want to create a sample autoscaling stack but I always get the following message

{"message": "Property error : ElasticLoadBalancer: protocol_port value is not an integer", "traceback": null, "type": "StackValidationFailed"}

My template about OS::Neutron::LoadBalancer are following:

Type: OS::Neutron::LoadBalancer
  pool_id: 8d416681-ff99-4698-bfef-a2788ce053d3
  protocol_port: '80'

the total template content is saved at the following address template content

Is there a bug In create OS::Neutron::LoadBalancer ? Or there are something needed to be added in my template?

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answered 2014-04-23 12:05:17 -0500

zaneb gravatar image

You're passing a string instead of an integer for the protocol_port value. You want:

  protocol_port: 80


  protocol_port: '80'
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