some basic questions about swift recon middleware

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Thee are two ways to get swift recon queries 1. curl command 2. 'swift-recon' command

I have some basic questions about these two commands. Please somebody answer them.

Q1: what should be the curl command for recon?

Q2. what arguments should I use with 'swift-recon' command to get the status about (i) /proc/meminfo, (ii) currently mounted file systems (iii) list of devices

Q3. When I run swift-recon command, It respond in terms of low: <> high: <> avg: <> total: <> failed: <> no_result: <> For example,

root@swift-VirtualBox:~# swift-recon account --auditor
--> Starting reconnaissance on 4 hosts
[2014-02-12 15:05:20] Checking auditor stats
[account_auditor_pass_completed] low: 0, high: 0, avg: 0.0, total: 0, Failed: 0.0%, no_result: 0, reported: 1
[account_audits_passed] - No hosts returned valid data.
[account_audits_failed] - No hosts returned valid data.
[account_audits_since] - No hosts returned valid data.

What is the meaning of following terms: low, high, avg, total, failed, no_result, and reported ?

Thanks Pragya Jain

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Please avoid asking multiple questions ( and check the documentation first

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2014-03-07 15:08:00 -0600 )edit