Using gluster with RDO and Foreman

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I'm trying the RDO foreman module to bring up my openstack deployment. (

Are there any extra documentation apart from the link above? So far, I've been successful with deploying foreman and the controller, I'm trying to properly plan out the compute deployment; could someone clarify the following architecture of puppet classes and few questions:


  • quickstack::neutron::controller - fairly straight forward, however has anyone had any experience with running the controller as part of a VM in another cluster?


  • quickstack::neutron::compute - fairly straight forward
  • quickstack::neutron::networker - is it possible to use VLAN networking here, the RDO page seems to say GRE (for now)
  • quickstack::storage_backend::gluster - I can see it install the packages but not seeing where the volumes get created. Any suggestions on this?

I'm hoping the foreman deployment method gets some better documentation (or findable) as there seems to be some seriously amazing stuff in there like freeipa?

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answered 2014-03-11 21:27:34 -0600

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updated 2014-03-11 21:29:22 -0600

Answering my own question..

All of the above seem to work (networker w/ VLANs where the wiki says GRE only). I also forked the quickstack puppet modules [1] so I now have a compute_networker.pp [2] which lets me provision compute and networker on the same box and a few other numerous tweaks.

storage_backend::gluster gets called automatically in the cinder setup, but will only mount the volumes and not create new volumes. However, I still haven't found where nova and glance can get supported by glusterfs.


[2] (

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