Instances created using nova compute aren't visible in ESXi [closed]

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I have a ESXi hypervisor (Host1) on which I have installed a VM1 based on Ubuntu 12.4 LTS server. Now I installed single Node Openstack in this VM1. Host1 when viewed using vSphere Client has one vm VM1.

As the single node openstack is installed in VM1, created one instance (ins1) in VM1. This ins1 is based on Cirros where the image used is cirros-0.3.0-x86_64-disk.img. Now the openstack VM1 has a ins1 which can be logged into from VM1.

here is my query. Since there has been a instance ins1 created, as per my understand of openstack this ins1 should be visible from the vSphere Client. i.e now vSphere Client should show one VM i.e VM1 on which Openstack is installed and ins1 the instance VM created through openstack.

Is that understand wrong. 

But when I viewed Host1 through Vsphere client, only one VM i.e VM1 alone is visible not the ins1. Is that anything I am doing wrong in the setup.

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